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An Erbn' Approach to Spannabis: A Journey of Culture, Cannabis, and CBD Remedies

Barcelona, a city pulsating with life, history, and an undeniable charm, beckons travelers from across the globe. From its stunning architecture to its vibrant culinary scene, there's something for everyone in this Spanish gem. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Barcelona for the renowned Spannabis cannabis conference, followed by a few days of leisurely exploration before heading off to Lisbon.

spannabis 2024 poster, spannabis24, Fira de Cornellá, Barcelona, Spain
Spannabis 2024 Poster

My days in Barcelona were packed with excitement and discovery. The Spannabis conference, held annually, is a melting pot of cannabis enthusiasts, industry professionals, and advocates. It's a celebration of the plant and a platform for discussing its medicinal, industrial, and recreational potential. There are also so many other plant medicine representative advocates present. The conference is a must-visit for anyone passionate about the subject, whether you are an interested recreational participant or professional in the space.

But the adventure didn't stop there. Barcelona's rich history and cultural heritage awaited, and I eagerly set out to explore. On average, I walked around 10 miles each day, weaving through the city's grid streets, admiring iconic landmarks like the Park Güell and strolling along the bustling La Rambla. Every corner seemed to reveal a new treasure, from hidden plazas to quaint tapas bars serving up tantalizing local delicacies. The stroll took me from Park Güell to Playa de la Barcelona where I dipped my toes in the Mediterranean Sea.

erbn' CBD topical, Park Güell, Barcelona, spannabis, product photography, Spain
Erbn' CBD Topical photographed at Park Güell in Barcelona

With all this walking, it's no surprise that my feet and knees were feeling the strain by the end of each day. Thankfully, I had a secret weapon and in a way the whole reason for this trip – CBD topical. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of CBD provided much-needed relief, allowing me to fully enjoy my time in Barcelona without the hindrance of soreness or fatigue. It was a game-changer, allowing me to make the most of my time in Barcelona without being slowed down by aches and pains.

Beyond the physical comfort provided by CBD, Barcelona itself offers a sense of comfort and acceptance to cannabis enthusiasts. While marijuana remains illegal for recreational use in Spain, the country has a relaxed attitude towards its consumption, particularly in Barcelona. The city is home to numerous cannabis clubs where members can legally purchase and consume cannabis in a social setting. These clubs provide a safe and welcoming environment for enthusiasts to gather, share experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals.

After soaking up the vibrant energy of Barcelona, it was time to bid farewell and head to my next destination – Lisbon. From exploring the historic Alfama district to indulging in delectable pastéis de nata. I fell in love with the fresh jasmine tangled with music wafting through the streets lined with orange trees and the intricate details on the tiled buildings, Lisbon captivated me with its beauty and charm. When the sun went down the wild side of Lisboa came out to play, the lively Pink street could be heard from blocks away. Live music crept out of restaurant doors pulling in wandering pedestrians.

Lisboa, Portugal, Lisbon, cbd topical, cbd cream, Lisbon rooftop
Erbn' CBD Topicals on Lisboa, Portugal rooftop

Reflecting on my journey, what started with the intention of a networking and education gathering conference turned into an impromptu case study on our soon to launch line of full spectrum CBD topicals and site seeing adventure. From the excitement of Spannabis to the tranquility of Barcelona's sun-kissed beaches, the city offers a unique blend of experiences that leave a lasting impression. With the help of Erbn's CBD topical remedies, I was able to see so much of Barcelona and Lisbon on foot experiencing so many more small details and capturing photos, smells, sounds and moments of inspirations that otherwise would have been missed. Until next time, Barcelona – gracias! Obrigada, Lisbon!

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